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Third and Fourth Grade Update

Third and Fourth Grade

We are having fun learning the G and D chords on the baritone ukulele's!  The students are learning about chords, harmony, reading chord charts, and strum patterns.  You will get to hear them play the baritone ukulele's at their Polynesian show in February.

We are also working on tone bars and learning some great warm-up activities that are helping with mallet technique.  The students are taking their knowledge of chords and their roots and creating accompaniments for our Polynesian song, "Nani Wale".

Our composer of the month is Leroy Anderson.  We have performed a "scarf dance" to his song "Syncopated Clock".  Through this song the students have experienced Rondo Form, staccato, legato, and coda.

If your students are interested in purchasing their own baritone ukulele, check out the Baritone Ukulele Club tab and you will find a couple of resources for purchasing.  The current price that I have found is $39.00 and it includes a case,

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