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First Grade

The first grade students are already working on the music for their program on October 23 at 6:30 PM.  The musical is called "Squirm" and it teaches that even things that we might think are gross or scary (snakes, worms, bats, and spiders) still have a purpose and actually help us out.

Here are a few of the National Standards for Music that we are meeting by doing this show:
* Sing in tune and maintain a steady beat
* Demonstrate the difference between singing and speaking voices.
* Aurally identify a key change.
* Identify repeated, melodic/rhythmic patterns.
* Read and perform f, mf, accent.
* Learn to evaluate a rehearsal using musical terms.
* Discuss the characteristics of jazz or bossa nova styles.
* Aurally identify major and minor.
* Perform syncopated rhythms.
* Identify verse and refrain.

We are also working on tone bars learning about high and low, instrument care, how to rotate through the instruments, hold the mallets correctly, and how to strike the bars correctly.

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